Is it safe to take out a loan?

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Having money for working capital and to invest in the growth of the company is a constant pursuit of entrepreneurs. But while high-interest rates and bank bureaucracy keep small business owners away, financial startups are changing the game.

Through a loan with a Good Finance (as these companies are called), getting lower rates and simplified conditions has become an alternative for those who have a business.

Understand below how these startups work, how credit operations take place and why this is a secure online loan modality.

What are Good Finances?

What are Good Finances?

Financial industry startups are companies that offer products and services in an affordable and affordable way through new technologies. As such, they can be applications for financial organizations, credit cards, insurance or business lending platforms.

According to Good Finance, an organization that follows the segment in Brazil, there are at least 247 initiatives in the country, which have received more than R $ 1 billion in investments in recent years.

How does a loan with Good Finance work?

Brazil is constantly identified as the country with the highest interest rates in the world. This directly affects the productive sector, which needs cheap money to invest and grow.

Given the rates practiced here, financial startups saw an opportunity to offer loans with less cost and less red tape to customers.

The most widespread form is the person-to-person loan, the peer to peer (P2P). Thus, an investor makes his resources available to a company, which, in return, returns the amount with interest.

Business is good for both sides. For those who lend, because they can monetize the money in a short time. And for those who receive it, because it enables the necessary capital at a lower cost.

Trading is done through an online platform, which is created and maintained by Good Finances themselves. Interest is fixed and fixed at the time of negotiation.

While in banks the cost of credit to companies varies from 5% to 10% per month, in startups it is around 2% per month. On average, money for entrepreneurs is available in 15 days.

Why is the loan with Good Finance safe?

Why is the loan with Good Finance safe?

But greater ease does not mean that the operation does not have its requirements.

In order to operate, Good Finances have to comply with the rules of the National Financial System, which are defined by the Central Bank.

In addition, to obtain the funds, micro and small companies must register on the platforms and undergo a credit risk analysis. The process occurs through consultations with databases of consumer protection entities.

Once the registration and application is made, the borrowers have yet to be screened by investors, who will evaluate the profile and services offered by future borrowers.

With this, getting a loan with Good Finance becomes a safe and advantageous business for entrepreneurs. If you still have any questions on the subject, write in our comments!

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