Consolidation loan – what is that?

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Choosing subsequent installments makes the household budget become tighter and tighter. Fortunately, there are solutions that can help us deal with temporary problems. One of them is loan consolidation. Clarification at

A consolidation loan is a special-purpose loan, which is used to repay existing loans and borrowers. We don’t receive cash in hand. It is the bank where we take out a loan that automatically repays liabilities that we decide to cover as part of consolidation.

Importantly, we choose which loans, installments or installments we want to cover. It does not have to be that all our commitments are consolidated, although many people choose this step because of the convenience of paying one installment.

What types of commitments can we consolidate?

What types of commitments can we consolidate?

The consolidation loan allows us to repay many different liabilities earlier. These include bank and private loans, cash loans, mortgage loans as well as installment loans and credit cards. In short, it is a solution thanks to which we can settle most of our financial obligations.

Is it worth it?

This is a question that many people are wondering about consolidating loans. The answer is unfortunately not easy. By deciding to consolidate the loan, we can reduce the amount of our monthly commitments. We pay one, lower installment then. Unfortunately, this is associated with the extension of the loan period, which increases costs.

In addition, the consolidation loan pays off our previous loans together with their interest rate, which is why its sum is higher than the total amount of funds we received from earlier, currently repaid loans.

Who can count on credit consolidation?

Who can count on credit consolidation?

A consolidation loan is a financial product that we use most often when our financial situation becomes difficult. It is worth remembering, however, that we may have problems receiving it if we have already defaulted our loans and credits. The bank will verify our credit standing and credit history.

Extra cash on a consolidation loan?

Some banks offer their clients consolidation loans with additional cash. In addition to the repayment of obligations that we already have, we can receive funds for any purpose. This perspective seems tempting, but it is worth being aware that additional funds will increase the installment loan installment. It is worth deciding on it only when we are in great need.

To sum up, loan consolidation is a good idea in a situation where repayment of existing liabilities is too much a burden and we are afraid of problems with repayment of installments. In the case in which we only care about the convenience of paying one installment, we must be aware that this is a solution that will increase our costs.

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